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The upsells support you to stay on track after the coaching sessions and the seminar, to keep your process going, and to develop yourself steadily.

The upsells are simple and take very little time, but the consistency of doing just a few minutes a day will give you the results you want. Your progress is so relaxed and easy that you probably don't even really notice how you're growing. In retrospect, you recognize your process more easily in many cases than when you're still in the middle of it.


Many of us have a lot of plans and attend seminars, coaching sessions, etc. to develop and grow. The first step has already been taken, but sticking with it is one of those things. Everyday life sometimes catches up with us again quickly and we can forget what we have planned. This has happened to me so many times. There is a big difference between wanting to do something and doing it. I have experienced this so often with myself and have often been annoyed when I have given up again.


That's why I've developed a few tools that have helped me immensely in implementing my plans. You have the choice if you want to stick with it or if you want to make it a little easier for yourself. For me, these techniques have changed everything in the long run.

Whether you want to observe your habit, get out of your daily routine, or become aware of and transform your thought patterns, the choice is yours.


I'm a big believer in long-term change, but even though I've done it before, I didn't make it until I integrated regular change with tools like these. You're free to decide how to get closer to your goals. I'm rooting for you to accomplish everything you set your mind to and live the life of your dreams.


I invite you to try out what attracts you and go your own way. But if you want a tool to support you, you might find something here that supports you.


Habit tracker – Eazy Three


3 little habits a day that you can easily integrate into your daily routine without having to turn your whole life upside down and then maybe give up out of frustration. Pretty much everyone I ask if they've ever experienced this themselves says yes.


I recommend changing just three little things a day and keep doing it until it's a habit you don't want to give up. There are also a few proven time frames on this. It takes about 21 days until you have changed so much that your inner pig is convinced. Now you have to stick to it. After 6 months, if it's a daily habit, your body/head is asking for it. If you do something every 2 days, your body/head will ask for it after a year, and if something only happens every three days, after 1.5 years.


And now comes another piece of information that you may not have heard or been aware of before. I have often observed this myself and also in my family, friends, and acquaintances: We stop when things are going well!!! The mean thing was that I believed behavior is already so deeply anchored that I no longer have to pay attention to it and it runs well as if by itself. Well, that is not necessarily so. If you have lived a habit 10-15 years or longer differently, you may return to old patterns. Therefore my recommendation. Go ahead and expand your 3 small habit changes, and add new ones step by step, keep tracking the others anyway. Over the years I have found that my success rate is the highest.


The explanations at the Eazy Three are even more detailed descriptions. A visual drive, because you put a mark in your habit every day, always keeps me motivated because I can see how much I've accomplished and felt proud of my progress and stamina. And even if you have a not-so-good day, you probably find it easier to keep going afterward. It honestly feels like a reward for me when I can put a tick in my tracker in the evening ;-)

Habit Tracker
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