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Individual Coaching

Individual coaching is as the name implies, individual for everyone. You come to me with an issue, a pattern, or any problem and we look together how we can help you. I work with different methods (NLP- Neuro-Linguistic Programming, ThetaHealing, Trances, and other methods) but always intuitively.


It happens more often than you think that several issues overlap, have the same cause, or can be traced back to something else that you do not expect. Individual coaching can be strategic or healing. One session can often bring a lot of clarity.


However, you may also come across a big issue that requires several sessions. This is logical because what has been with you for years or decades is rarely resolved in one coaching session. However, the realization is worth its weight in gold and can significantly relax your situation.


For example, with one client we discovered a belief system that connected two beliefs: "I am not good enough" and "I am not valuable". As a result, her boss kept criticizing her and passing her over for promotions, even though she was doing a good job. At home, her partner had not been appreciative of her after the initial infatuation and she felt less and less loved. When we discovered this system, she realized many things and in a few sessions and with a helpful technique, we changed this system for her. She then moved to another department, her work is recognized and she received her long-overdue promotion. With her boyfriend, it is also much more loving and romantic since the sessions and they are very happy together again.


We, humans, are layered like onions and should have some patience in the healing process. I used to want everything resolved immediately, but unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. Once I accepted that I went ahead anyway and my result was worth the price every time. It feels great to change unwanted patterns and steadily go through life more relaxed.


You are welcome to make an appointment with me and we can discuss if and how I can support you. Of course, you can also book a coaching session and we will start right away.

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Individual coaching (1h)

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