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Gestalt therapist and singing teacher

Lena has a refreshingly down-to-earth and natural way of incorporating energy work and spirituality into her coaching sessions. She is very sensitive and has given me valuable impulses. Lena has an expertise in the area of value, money, self-worth and our session about how these relate to me I remember even now months later as insightful and useful. I highly recommend working with Lena!


Especially if you want more out of life and want to demystify the topic of money for yourself.

Kim Kwiatkowski
Personal development coach

I contacted Lena for my money mindset and via the cashflow game she rapidly optimized my thinking about money. I changed old habits and ways of thinking very quickly and in just a few weeks increased my income by about 30%, discovered more good financial opportunities, became much more mindful with money and dared to put this new knowledge directly into practice. My development was so broad that I took the step and am now my own boss as a self-employed person.


I myself am a coach and trainer for personal development and depend on working with a professional. Lena has not only optimized my money mindset, she has boosted my self-confidence, improved my model of the world in an increasingly conducive direction and helped me resolve my deepest soul issues. The knot is broken, the stone is released from the brake and meanwhile I am working with Lena on my love issues.


Lena uses all her skills from NLP, hypnosis, thetahealing and offers a variety of development opportunities with her foresight, strength and connection.

I have been going to Lena with my issues for a year now and I am just happy and grateful for this work that Lena offers.

Lorenz Vick

Theta healing?!? What a thing? Self-discovery, desires, dreams? I don't know, I don't want to! I'm satisfied... or not?


This …. Or not?!? Resonated for so long I had to think about it!  When am I satisfied, happy etc?


Guys, I can tell you that I was very skeptical and really smiled at the whole thing…. So under the motto: "YES YES, here with energy stones and such" but... IT IS NOT THAT WAY!


Lena gives you the opportunity to recognize for yourself what is not going well and gives you help with reprogramming! This seminar really helps you to find out what you want... or first of all what you don't want 😊 Lena puts you on a path that can help you look at certain things in life differently and thereby gain understanding for things that you were not aware of or unclear!


Get involved, it's worth it!

Digital Nomad, Instagram Marketing and Drone Operator

Dear Lena, thank you for your work, thank you for being. 

I am actually very skeptical about spiritual things and energy work etc..  

All the more you have inspired me with your work. You are not only a super good coach and have the fingertip feeling to bring to light exactly what it is actually about, but you also heal it piece by piece through Thetahealing and your own miraculous way. What I find very impressive. 

Things have really changed for the better and I became aware of many limiting beliefs only through your work. 

Thank you so much <3

Maresia - Maria Theresa
Mother and office worker

I was allowed to be accompanied by the dear Lena. 

Through her Moneymindset I got a different view on money. I was also able to enjoy a ThetaHealing hour with her. This was profound and showed me new ways.

I can only recommend everyone to invest in themselves. Every cent is worth this investment.


Thank you very much my dear Lena...

Almut Nasilowski
Singing Coach

With a lot of verve and enthusiasm, Lena filled the seminar hours with life and made me understand the topic of money and finances: there are structures and mechanisms with money such as the multiple account system, etc.. Lena speaks a language that I understand. I am in the middle of a healing process with money and finances and am infinitely grateful to Lena for all the valuable impulses I received. THANK YOU


Testimonial about the Theta Healing Sessions


I felt absolutely safe, secure and protected in the work with Lena. It was very enriching to deal with different topics in the togetherness with the other participants. "We are all in this together" and together we are now dissolving the beliefs in depth!!! Lena accompanied the ceremony with bravura and supported us to the maximum and guided us through the process. THANK YOU

Annastasia Klöpper

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to participate in your valuable seminar. It has made me incredibly clear and also in the time afterwards, more and more beliefs and feelings about money have come to the surface. You opened the door for me and gave me the courage to look at it and not to hide from it anymore. Thank you for these golden ways to deal with money, your advice & tips. And thank you for the authentic way you led the seminar. I really enjoyed listening to you. Anna ❤

Marco Vincent
Technician in tool rental

I liked the workshop very much. Leni is very pleasant with each other. You are treated sensitively and perceived. The knowledge about money is well conveyed and you get a sure feeling in dealing with it. I have become aware of what is important and how I can manifest it.


 Thank you for this 🌈🙏💚

Johanna Maul
Owner of an NGO

All the sessions I've had with Lena have been absolutely eye-opening and transformative. I experienced past life regression with her for the first time, which was incredibly powerful. She also helped me dissolve old patterns regarding boundary setting and I was able to find myself more as a result. During a Future Reading, Lena predicted almost exactly what happened in my life a few months later. I am so grateful for her literally magical work!

Eva Benz

Top seminar, very motivating and at the same time simply explained. It's worth it if you are motivated to book your seminar, because just your great inspiring way how you explain things, make the path to financial freedom even more beautiful! 


And even with several questions, you were always available for me. 

Thank you!  Gladly more seminars with you!

Francisco Rodriguez
Customer management at Regus

I participated in the online seminar "How to start with Money" 2021 and I am very satisfied until today. The course is divided into individual modules and is explained by Lena very understandable. She answers every question and you can talk very openly about everything with her. What I liked very much is that you learn a lot not only about the topic of money, but also about beliefs / information and how to use them in everyday life. Because that has also helped me for other aspects of my life. On the whole I can highly recommend the course.

Thank you Lena

Virginia Nake
Marketing & Sales Management

I did not know for a long time how to evaluate Lena as my best friend. After all, we have built a very loving interpersonal relationship in 2021.

When I look back at myself in 2020, I see a 24-year-old who can neither deal with money nor with the knocks that come your way from time to time. I had debt at that point. A loan, credit cards, and no money for food every month for the last week, so my mom was shopping for me every now and then.

So when I attended Lena's seminar "How to start with money" in January 2021 I was very composed. I had decided to get a handle on my finances. It's not an easy thing to do. You have to admit to yourself that you've overestimated yourself over the last few years. So I sat in the seminar, listened intently, and meanwhile realized, "Hey this topic is not only exciting, but it will change you as a person." The seminar showed me not only how to get my finances under control, in the medium term, but how to develop myself personally. Lena showed me that it is not important what happens, but rather how I personally deal with it.

Now it is January 2022, one year ago I attended Lena's seminar. I have a multiple account system, pay off my debt every month and invest in myself! Now I don't have to ask my mom at the end of the month to go shopping for me. January is known to be the month with a lot of back payments. And it was the first year I read the amount and thought, "Cool! Got it, I can pay it - right now!" That was a feeling of freedom! Finally! It made me so happy 😊 I've grown inside and can pay off my debt because I've accepted that I can save on the side, but still fly on vacation and not always think about the "stupid" money!

Lena shows me every day that life is a projection from my beliefs, actions and mindset! It's not about "How do I get rich as fast as possible so I can travel and chill everywhere?" It's about how you change yourself and live with awareness! Lena is not only a coach for me on every life path, she is a terrific person who is always honest. Who doesn't butter you up to make you feel better.

Since I have been attending your seminars, I can only say one thing, THANK YOU! ❤

Thank you for making a huge, positive difference! It would not have been possible without you, you always give 100%. Thank you as a client and best friend, because growing and dealing with your finances, your self is not easy, but with you by my side it is so much easier.

Miriam Hedtstück
Fashion engineer 

Leni is amazing! It was my first experience with Theta Healing and NLP, so I honestly didn't know what to expect. Even after our first conversations, so many things have changed for the better for me. It always feels light and relaxed. I can always completely let go and confide in Leni. 


Leni, I am so grateful for your work and can't recommend you enough. 

No matter what situation in life - you always have the perfect advice and also always an answer for (almost) everything. No matter with which method, whether Theta Healing, NLP or hypnosis - you are a real expert.

You have expanded my consciousness, helped me change bad habits and change my complete mindset into positive.

The coaching sessions are always very helpful and professional, no matter how many thousands of miles separate us. You always find time and even if only over the phone, I have the feeling you are in the same room.

Also, your calm, understanding manner always immediately gives me the feeling of security, so it is very easy for me to open up. 

You are a friend, coach and psychologist in one person <3

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