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How to start with money

This seminar is not about luxury. It's about freedom. We must choose between security and freedom. And you make this decision in your life. Not your parents, not your partner, not your boss. You! That's not always easy. But there is a saying that has accompanied me for decades and has kept me going:


"The difficult path will eventually become easy and
the easy way will eventually become difficult"


One thing should be clear to you. You are the creator of your world. When you give the blame for a situation that you don't like to the outside world, to circumstances, time, other people, etc., you give up your power.


Yes, money doesn't buy happiness, right. But if it's missing always and everywhere, that matters a lot to most people. Social contacts and interactions, on the other hand, actually make people happy. But when you have to see how you can pay your rent, put food on the table and achieve a minimum quality of life every month, it makes you rather miserable. Wouldn't it just be awesome if the topic of money was over? I kind of nodded at this question and thought to myself: 100%!


You also? OK Good! Unfortunately, no fairy godmother will come and wave the magic wand for us. Well maybe, but waiting for it is risky. Therefore, start. Totally relaxed. You don't have to quit your job, buy stocks, or own your first property in the next few months. You can of course do that if you want and have the knowledge to do so, but go at your own pace. That's perfectly fine. I do that too and trust myself more every day. You have permission to do this now, if you've been waiting for it.


If you can't live comfortably because you haven't learned how to manage money, you'll be under pressure for the rest of your life. In our world where everything is supposed to be higher, faster, further, we may feel inadequate, not good or smart enough, or like I did then, like a complete disaster on some levels.


After the many years in which I lived at subsistence level, at least in our western world, I asked myself whether this should continue for the rest of my life?! The clear and unequivocal answer to this was - No, definitely not! Since then almost 10 years have passed and I started helping my family and friends with similar issues 6 years ago. Last year I made a seminar out of it to help all people who want to.


In this seminar I will show you in simple steps how to start dealing with the topic of money, finances and abundance. You don't have to do without anything, but you definitely have to take responsibility for handling your money and stick with it.

In these 4 modules we will, in simple steps:


   create an income expenditure list, and find out our current state

   Find out monthly schedule of expenses tailored to each individual

   Get to know goals and their meaning

   see how we deal with debt, reduce it without taking on new debt

   shed light on our belief systems about money - and begin to replace them with helpful ones

   Clarify multiple account system and their justification

   Illuminate beliefs and systems

   Distinguish between affirmations and afformations

   why money should work for us and not us for our money


The seminar is structured like this:



Why the seminar?!

Freedom/ Independence


module 1

What is money and what do I want it for?

You know your current actual situation.

Income-expenditure list


module 2

What questions do I need to ask myself?

What are my goals – short-term, medium-term and long-term?

Do I have beliefs that are slowing me down?

belief systems



module 3

Good and bad debt

How to pay off debt and build wealth at the same time



module 4

Why multi-account systems?

Various multi-account systems

Wealth Building

Why is saving so important?



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Your benefits from the seminar:


   you relax in money matters

   you get to know yourself and your needs, as well as your why in life better

   you become freer and more self-confident step by step on different levels

   your life will be easier

   you don't have to do what you don't want to do after a while

   you gain time

   you have better relationships with your loved ones

   you can live more beautifully and more relaxed

   you become freer

I would be very happy if you listen to yourself and feel like participating. If you don't learn anything, don't enjoy it, or feel you didn't get any value, you'll get your money back within 30 days.


Financial freedom lets you live in dignity and you decide what you do.

It means that YOU decide - if, when and how you work!


Your Leni

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How to Start With Money - Seminar (4 modules)

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